The Google Cloud Innovators program is a new developer community that offers developers promotional benefits in exchange for their advocacy and adoption of Google Cloud services. The Innovators program wanted to differentiate itself from the competition by creating a vibrant brand experience and delivering seamless and superior program narratives. 
To build this new program's brand within the Google organization and distinguish it from other programs, I had to develop a bespoke system that was both unique and recognizable within the Google brand systems. This brand begins with a foundation mark that represents a diverse community of coders and the very coding brackets that make up the fiber of the community. This mark can then be built upon to create patterns that are then applicable to any and all media formats needed. What we ended up with is a simple, conceptual and flexible system that will be able to grow with the new Innovators brand for years to come. 
● Created the entire program’s visual identity system from the ground up
● Designed and launched all initial assets into market
● Defined an in-depth program style standards guidelines for use within and outside of Google orgs
● Heralded as the "gold star standard for all Google brands design"
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