Content is your business and Box wants organizations to put it to work with their Content Cloud. Box believes that content is the most valuable asset of an organization and came to us with a desire to get this message out to market. We wanted to do this in a way that would both stand out with relatable humor and drive home this vital message. 
We conceived of a campaign that would herald a newly created "Content Hero". Our Content Hero illuminates how Box helps people navigate the complexities of security and collaboration within organizations. Through witty scripting and casting, the message becomes clear; the Content Cloud gives you one secure, easy-to-use platform for the entire content journey.
The campaign included two 30s, two 15s, a new website, and social media assets.
Director: Max Cantor
Producer: Mike Bucchino
ECD: Robert Patrick
ACD Art: Melanie Palishen
ACD Copy: Michael Lander

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